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specializes in representing clients with issues before all levels of government - local, state and federal - as well as transactional litigation primarily in the federal courts, and serving as corporate counsel to medium size and large corporations.

Richard Crane has a long history of involvement in civic and government affairs and government service. His client's list ranges from large international corporations to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Richard Crane is a former partner of large international law firms and are thoroughly familiar with the complexities faced by businesses and individuals in solving their legal and government disputes.




His practice includes assisting clients with issues before government executive branches, legislative bodies, regulatory bodies and boards and commissions from Washington, D.C. to the smallest California city. Richard Crane's clients also include government entities that have issues with other branches of government. A typical client with a government issue will be faced with a long list of decision makers from elected and appointed officials to staff members. In addition to mastering the applicable law, it is vital to client success that the client has a good working relationship with each decision maker.

Accordingly, he is accustomed to putting together teams to assist clients with the resolution of their government issues. In an environment with multiple decision makers it is often necessary to put together professionals from more than one firm to assure proper representation. He maintains relationships with firms throughout LA City, LA County, the State of California and the rest of the U.S. so we can assist clients with government issues in any jurisdiction in the nation.

While the government practice spans a very broad range of jurisdictions and issues, he has developed a particular expertise in helping clients navigate the complexities of California land use law and regulations. He has a long history representing U.S. and international clients in obtaining government contracts the value of which is well into the billions of dollars.


Mr. Crane has tried numerous cases in Federal Court both to the Court and Juries. Much of his trial work consists of complicated multi-witness and multi-exhibits cases referred by other firms looking for a trial specialist.


Mr. Crane has also formed many corporations for clients in various jurisdictions up to and including financing and the creation of the Board.

He has substantial experience assisting overseas businesses become established in the U.S. including planning a compliance program to comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Richard has also represented international and U.S. firms in developing business plans for doing business with all levels of U.S. government.

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